If you are, in any way, wary of possible spoilers, even if they might be vague tidbits that just lead to speculation, stop reading now!

On May 30, we're finally getting the big-screen version of Sex and the City. Over the last year, we've gotten all sorts of tidbits about the film. The main players are there, Carrie looks to be finally getting married to Big and gains an Oscar-winning assistant, Steve becomes a jerky cheater, Samantha's eye continues to roam, and Charlotte finally gets noticeably pregnant.

But there's more to it than that. In a discussion with MTV, Sarah Jessica Parker reveals that Carrie deals with a big "loss." They immediately muse about Samantha's cancer, Charlotte's miscarriage, and Big biting the dust. However, only one possibility fits what she says, and that's the last. It is something that affects Carrie, and her friends are an "enormous help."

Somehow I doubt that Carrie's friends would be focused on her if they were the ones struggling too, so that leaves Big. Granted, this could be another thing to throw us off the tracks, like the early pictures, or it could just be some sort of foot diagnosis that doesn't allow her to wear Manolos anymore. But Parker is really trying to be ominous, and says enough that I can't imagine what it could possibly be but Mr. Big's demise. The trailer insinuates that they break up, but it would also fit that Big has heart issue #2. This would also explain why Parker's lawyer advised her not to answer questions about her and Big.

I can't decide whether SJP is stupidly revealing a big plot point, or if they're just messing with our minds now. Thoughts?
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