In case you missed Saturday Night Live this past weekend, the hilarious Jonah Hill hosted ... and he co-starred with Andy Samberg and James Downey in the above digital short. SNL has gone through its problems over the past few years, but they seem to be kinda, sorta turning it around a bit -- especially when it comes to the digital shorts they air each week. Here, Jonah sits down for a chat with SNL star Andy Samberg to clue him in on a little news -- namely that he's been dating Andy's father. Hilarity (as well as a pretty nasty make-out session) ensues.

Additionally, since I'm a nice guy and all, you can head after the jump for another clip from the same episode -- one that features Jonah Hill as a pretty vocal six-year-old who's dining at the local Hibachi joint with his father (as played by Bill Heder). I enjoyed that one more than the digital short, but I'm a sucker for Jewish humor. Enjoy!