It's not about that Canadian comic strip, nor is it a remake of one of the handful of movies that have the same title. Taking that same wedding phrase, the upcoming For Better or For Worse is a gay wedding screwball comedy written by Eric Kops, Brad Rowe, and Joshua Tunick, with Kops as the creator, Rowe as the producer and star, and Tunick as the director.

But the real kicker here is the cast. The Hollywood Reporterhas posted that Janeane Garofalo, Rebecca Gayheart, Stanley Kamel, Ruta Lee, and Patrick Muldoon have signed on for the film. Oh, and those '80s TV stars? Soliel Moon Frye and Chad Allen have also signed on for roles. Yes, in one movie, we have both Punky Brewster and Our House's David Witherspoon... who also happened to play "Brian" in a few episodes of Punky. Be still my '80s heart.. Luckily Rudy, or Ralph, or Mallory isn't involved.

The flick follows "a grounded pair of grooms whose family threatens to go off the rails at their nuptials." Strangely enough, the grooms don't seem to have been cast yet, but the rest of the people make up the craziness -- Punky is all grown up as a lesbian minister who will preside over the ceremony, Lee will play one of the grooms' moms, Muldoon will take on the jilted ex role, with Allen being his new lover, Kamel will play a closeted neighbor, Gayheart will be, believe it or not, a wallflower sister, Rowe will take on the gig of family-man brother, and Garofalo will play Rowe's nanny, "who has a bombshell to drop."

It's sounds wacky, fun, and a bit irresistible due to its players. Now the question is: do the grooms show up in this, or is it all about the crazy group of family and friends?
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