Admit it, the first thing you thought when you read that was "WHAT? A Cyclops spin-off? Will it never end?"

But it's not that Cyclops -- it is the Alexis Nolent graphic novel. Variety reports that Warner Bros has optioned the rights to Nolent's novel, and James Mangold is set to direct. The story is set in the near future, where mercenary forces wear cameras in their helmets, broadcasting live to command centers and living rooms alike. One of the mercenaries is chosen to lead an elite squad -- but begins to discover he isn't fighting for freedom or justice, but commerce.

Mangold is attracted to the novel's political relevancy. "It is an electrifying package you find in the best sci-fi: great action sequences combined with themes that are eminently foreseeable." Warner Bros is putting the project on the fast track, and expects to have it in the hands of screenwriters by next week. I imagine the title will be changed somewhere during production.

This is the second Nolent novel to be optioned; The Killer is over at Paramount in the hands of David Fincher. They share Alexandra Milchan as producer. She must have a French connection, as Nolent lacks even a Wiki entry. I can't even find anywhere to link to the book -- not even in French. If anyone can track something down, please post it below.
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