Easily the most noteworthy aspect of Tragic Ceremony (recently released to DVD by Dark Sky films) is the participation of Camille Keaton. The great niece of silent film star Buster Keaton, Camille appeared in a handful of Italian films in the early 1970s. Eventually she became best known for starring in the grisly U.S. made rape/revenge film Day of the Woman which is now known under the re-release title I Spit On Your Grave.

Four young people are spending several carefree days sailing and camping. Bill (Tony Isbert) is the only one in the group from a rich family, and his friends Fred (Giovanni Petrucci) and Joe (Maximo Valverde) have no problem taking advantage of Bill's wealth, even going so far as to conning him out of money on a rigged bet. Bill has eyes for Jane (Keaton) who may be involved with Joe (this is never made clear). Bill gives her a string of pearls he had bought for his mother who turned them down after hearing about the curse that supposedly comes with them.
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