She might be busy dealing with a fiancee who has visions and thinks he's a prophet, but Natasha Henstridge is about to get serious as well. The Hollywood Reporter posts that the Canadian actress has joined the cast of the upcoming drama Anytown, written by Zak Meyers and Dave Rodriguez, with the latter directing.

Set in a normal, suburban "anytown," the film follows high school students gearing up to graduate. One, Brandon (Matt O'Leary), is the "bull-headed leader" of his group of friends, who has a misguided view of Patriotism and uses violence to make himself heard -- "kidnapping an Indian student and committing a shocking string of crimes." They videotape the crime, and it becomes a media sensation, which attracts Henstridge's news anchor to the story: "The event forces her to examine media's post-Sept. 11 role in fueling hate crimes committed by youth."

Now we've just got to wait and see if any of those who could see the movie and reexamine their own actions will actually give the film a shot, or just condemn it. Then again, this is a film with a production company that said the following about wrapping production: "after lots of work and lots of pain. that's a wrap on anytown. try and break us. we might get close. but it AIN'T gonna happen. see you on the red carpet bitches." THR says they're still filming in LA, so I imagine this is where Henstridge comes in to play.
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