Los Angeles-based writer Ellen Alperstein, blogging at LA Observed, digs into the reasons why Angelenos tend to watch the closing credits: "When my out-of-state visitors go to the movies here, they often comment on the locals' habit of sitting all the way through the final credits before getting up to leave." In the past, she had the impression that locals were concentrating on looking for the names of friends and associates in the credits, a combination of competition and curiosity, but a recent experience watching Atonement opened her eyes to other possibilities.

After the final scene unfolded, she felt "violated, cheated" when the house lights "blasted on in full illumination." She notes: "This movie might be over but our feelings were not resolved, and it was going to take the privacy and safety of darkness to revisit them, and reject or accept them." I think she nailed the reasons why I like to sit in the dark for a few minutes and absorb what I've just seen. Sure, I've bolted from my seat before, but usually because the movie was a stinker and I couldn't wait to wash it from my mind. But a good movie inevitably leaves me reflective. As Ms. Alperstein writes, "Sometimes it's about processing what you've seen and felt."

How about you? Do you linger in your seat and watch the closing credits? Do you rush out as soon as possible? Or does it depend on the movie you've been watching? Feel free to elaborate on your reasons in the comments.

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