Good news everyone: Looks like we're going to get TWO Clint Eastwood flicks this fall; one of which will actually star the legendary actor-director -- his first on-screen role since Million Dollar Baby. We already know about Changeling, starring Angelina Jolie and directed by Eastwood. That's set to hit theaters on November 7. However, Variety now reports there's another Eastwood film called Gran Torino set to hit theaters in December. What's this film about? How does he make his films so friggin' quickly? And is he really a superhero ... or just a dude who moves fast?

Well, unfortunately, we know absolutely nothing about Gran Torino, save for its title. Yup, and we only know that because Warner Bros. quietly scheduled the film's release date yesterday without revealing any more information. Will it feature cars? Will Eastwood play an aging mechanic who teams up with a down-on-her-luck female race car driver for a go at the big prize (whatever that may be)?

Any guesses as to what this film is about or who will star alongside Eastwood?

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