There might be no word about Ryan Gosling, but Paramount is, indeed, moving forward with a Jack Ryan film that doesn't focus on one of Tom Clancy's novels. Variety reports that the company is currently in negotiations with Sam Raimi to lead the revival of Ryan for a series of films -- as both developer and director. They plan to create a series that would focus on the famous Clancy character when he's younger, and at an earlier point in his career.

Since they are still in the idea stage, nothing is set in stone, but Variety says that one idea is to have the film be set in the present, during a "global threat," which isn't very original. Personally, I would prefer something that went a little back in time, if they are looking at Ryan's start. Then again, these are studio musings completely free of the character's creator, so maybe they should just be considered a completely different entity. This project does, however, completely lead the way for Gosling to take over, if Phillip Noyce was right.

Right now, Raimi is busy with Drag Me to Hell, but the studio is hoping to get him working on this picture right after, so that the first flick can be released in the summer of 2010. I still don't understand why they can't just come up with a new action star, rather than young Ryan up and go on their merry way, but at least with Raimi involved, things could get interesting.
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