I can't help but wonder if Kevin Spacey managed to score a 2 for 1 deal on the film rights to a Ben Mezrich book. 21 hasn't even hit theaters and Spacey has already picked up another property from the non-fiction writer. Varietyreports that Spacey, in the form of Trigger Street Productions, has acquired to film rights to Mezrich's book, Rigged: The True Story of an Ivy League Kid Who Changed the World of Oil, From Wall Street to Dubai.

Rigged is the story of John D'Agostino, an Italian kid from Brooklyn who graduates from Harvard. After scoring a lucrative job on the Merc Exchange, he meets up with another ambitious young trader with shady connections to the Middle East. The two come up with a brilliant and dangerous scheme to revolutionize oil trading ... and of course make a butt-load of cash along the way. This is a common theme in Mezrich's books: the talented wunderkind led astray by corruption and greed. It also probably explains why Rigged is being touted as this generation's Wall Street.

Spacey's production house is already working on an adaptation of another of Mezrich's books, Ugly Americans: The True Story of the Ivy League Cowboys Who Raided the Asian Markets for Millions. This might be a little off topic, but what is it with this guy and the long titles? In fact, all of his books are like this (21 was originally known as Busting Vegas: The MIT Whiz Kid Who Brought the Casinos to Their Knees). Of course, this is probably why a name change will be in order for the big screen.
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