You could say that Bella's father in Stephenie Meyer's young adult fantasy collection Twilight, which is about to become a big-screen series of movies, is the reason for all the vampire romance. In the book, the young Bella (who will be played by Kristen Stewart) heads to Forks to live with her father. There, she falls for Edward (Robert Pattinson), and in typical YA, romantic, vampire fare, things get sticky.

Up to this point, we've gotten a slew of casting notices about Bella and the parade of vamps, but now MTV, which seems to be the official source for Twilight info, has confirmed that Billy Burke will be playing him. The actor has popped up in a ton of television shows, but he's also been in flicks like the recent Untraceable.

Ashley Greene
, who plays Alice Cullen in the film, confirmed his casting and said: "I've only met him once, and I don't really have any scenes with him yet. But I think he's a pretty good fit ... He's commented on making the character a strong character." Strong, weak, or anything in between, he's definitely a good fit to play the dad of Stewart. If you're a fangirl or boy itching for more info, in another post, Greene discusses her involvement in the film, from softball to complaints that's she's just too darned tall for her character.
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