A bit of Catherine Zeta-Jones' reality is headed to the big-screen, but flipped. As we all know, she's married to Michael Douglas, who is 25* years her senior (exactly, since they were born on the same day). Now The Hollywood Reporter posts that she will star in a new May-December romantic comedy that Bart Freundlich is directing. Freundlich is a director (Trust the Man), but is probably better known for being the husband of actress Julianne Moore.

The romcom doesn't have a title yet, but it will star Zeta-Jones as "a single New York City mom who captures the eye of her new neighbor, a 25-year-old man." Yes, she's getting a taste of Maude, but with a more respectable age difference. This is also a mirror, of sorts, for Freundlich, who is 9 years younger than Moore. Man, it's May-December all around!

Production is scheduled to begin next month on the 17th, but they haven't finalized a male lead yet. Hmm... What 25-year-old would be well-cast as Catherine's paramour? Maybe Robert Buckley? He's already dealing with this whole theme on Lipstick Jungle.

*Math corrected...
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