Who was it that said Playboy Magazine was worth a read ... for the articles? Because that person is exactly right! Seems Paramount has already snatched up an article that will appear in Playboy later this year, and have brought on The Departed screenwriter William Monaghan to help spin this puppy into a fascinating big-screen thriller. Graham King will produce the film along with Alexandra Milchan, and as of right now there's no title.

The fact-based story is a pretty interesting one -- apparently it follows a drug dealer named Jim Keene who gets nabbed by the cops and, instead of going to jail for a 10 years-to-life sentence, cuts a deal to go undercover in a maximum security hospital for the criminally insane. What's he doing there? Well, he's asked to cozy up to a serial killer in an attempt to find out the whereabouts of his victims. Says Variety, "Only the prison psychiatrist knew Keene was undercover, plus a visiting "girlfriend" who was actually an FBI agent." Okay, so we're gonna need a nutty serial killer, an undercover con and a female FBI agent, who, knowing Hollywood, will probably be written in as a love interest for our man undercover. We already have Monaghan and King. Do we have a Leonardo DiCaprio signing on in the near future?

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