In Babel, we got interconnected storylines that spanned the globe, from a disturbed girl who bares all, to illegal border crossing, to kids who really shouldn't have guns. But it was mainly focused on the adults and their drama. Now The Hollywood Reporter has posted that Hero Pictures has nabbed a pitch from Oscar-nominated short film director Bobby Garabedian and writer Adam Simon (A Haunting in Connecticut) that taps into the Babel framework, but with the focus on the younger people.

Vanity will cover the interconnected lives of teens across the world who are dealing with major issues. Now, considering the plot line of Babel, and that description, it sounds like one heck of a bummer of a film. However, Simon says (pun!): "This won't be a downer film, but we're definitely not going to pull any punches in presenting the reality of what millions of kids are going through."

Maybe they'll keep it out of downer territory by being hip. Hero CEO Maria Rodriguez-Rabadan thinks this has "huge commercial potential" because it's a "hip urban international drama for the most savvy, interconnected generation of young adults ever to exist." But really, that just sounds like PR speak.
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