I was wondering what happened to this project. Frank Miller's Ronin was optioned last spring in the glory days of 300's massive box office. And then it faded away after talk of filming it against a blue screen a'la Zack Snyder.

Perhaps realizing that Miller was never actually going to write a sequel to 300 (despite the continued hopes of Mark Canton), Warner Bros has finally revived the project and hired a writer -- The Hollywood Reporter says it is Joby Harold, the man behind the script and camera for Jessica Alba's Awake. Sylvain White is still attached to direct.

Ronin is a series about a masterless samurai who is reincarnated in New York City, sometime in the near future. Of course, New York is a bleak and lawless society -- and in the midst of it, the reincarnated samurai is forced to confront the demon who assassinated his master centuries before. It is one of Miller's earliest works, and arguably the one that he really honed his skills on. Someday, they'll call this his "samurai period." (I wonder if we will ever see his samurai Wolverine on film?)

Darren Aronofsky was once attached to adapt and direct it -- obviously, it fell through, and I can't find any reason as to why. He never seems to hold on to the Miller projects, which is a shame. I can't say that the combination of White and Harold fill me with confidence, particularly after a director like Aronofsky. I guess we'll wait and see.
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