There's all sorts of re-teaming going on for the upcoming flick Duplicity. First it was re-joining Clive Owen and Julia Roberts, who starred together in Closer. (And I can only hope that her role will be more like that, and less like the more popular, flamboyant Julia roles.) Now Variety reports that Paul Giamatti is getting in on the action. He was, of course, the thorn in Owen's carrot-eating side in Shoot 'Em Up, and worked with Julia a few times, with a teeny role in My Best Friend's Wedding, and voicing one of the characters in The Ant Bully.

Once you get a little taste of liberty, like he has with the HBO miniseries John Adams, some Duplicity is only natural. Giamatti will play "an industrialist engaged in a fierce game of corporate one-upmanship against a rival titan," who will be played by Tom Wilkinson. Owen and Roberts, meanwhile, are "spies-turned-corporate operatives" who are getting in each other's pants. Topped off with the fact that this film is coming from Tony Gilroy, whose pen is behind flicks from The Cutting Edge and Dolores Claiborne to Michael Clayton and the Bourne series, this is an interesting looking drama.

There is no word in the latest piece on the production schedule, but earlier reports had it slated to begin this month. Meanwhile, in another piece, Variety notes that Rick Worthy has also signed on, in an unspecified supporting role.
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