Well, you asked for it. (Did you ask for it? I wasn't sure if you asked -- because I know someone asked, but maybe it was a different question.) According to Screen Daily (via Moviehole), Sylvester Stallone will return for another installment in his Rambo franchise, despite what the actor has said previously. Apparently, they'll be utilizing new stages being built in Bulgaria -- and that Rambo 5 will be one of the first films to shoot on said stages. Does this mean the new Rambo won't find the title character returning to the United States? Who knows. But I bet he'll be kicking a whole lot of ass wherever he is.

Not long ago, Stallone signed a deal to star in and produce two more action films. Since then, there's been a ton of speculation regarding which films, exactly, he has in mind. Since both Rocky 6 and Rambo 4 were successful, talk soon turned to other famous Stallone characters (like the rumor that he'd be making a Cliffhanger 2), as well as other famous movies (like the rumor that he wanted to remake Death Wish). Honestly, I'd prefer the Death Wish route over all else. I'd kinda like to see Stallone play an average, over-the-hill guy who, due to certain unforeseen circumstances, must take the law into his own hands. Rambo 5? Eh? Really? Do we need it?

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