With the speed that things fly into production, before some books are even flippin' written, I imagine it might be a bit agitating if you're a successful writer looking for a big-screen deal of your own. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Sandra Brown is no longer watching from the sidelines -- TwinStar Entertainment have optioned her 1996 legal thriller The Witness.

As THR points out, this is the first time in her almost 30-year career that she's gotten a movie deal, even though she's written a whopping 56 New York Times bestsellers. Yeouch. At the very least, should this project do well, there's a ginormous well for future material. It might seem that she was just passed aside until now, but it looks like she's been picky about this process. She turned down several adaption offers over the years, and she's said: "Some excellent books have been made into excellent movies, but just as often the film renditions were bad. For decades I've been developing a 'voice' my readers recognize and expect. Lane Bishop [TwinStar exec] approached me with a full understanding and appreciation of that voice." Man, she's invested in that voice. What are the chances that she'll be happy with the final outcome?

As for the novel -- it focuses on a public defender named Kendall Deaton, who uncovers a dark secret that "leads her to turn state's witness against her white supremacist ex-husband and father-in-law as she struggles to discover whom she can trust."
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