As Jessica posted back in January, we're about to get more of the same, old, tired romcom fare with the upcoming Disney-distributed flick, The Proposal. The queen of romantic comedy herself, Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds had signed on to play a publishing exec who forces her assistant to marry her to avoid being deported back to Canada. Come on... Is it really a proposal if an older, desperate woman forces her subordinate to marry her? It's going to be directed by Anne Fletcher, who will tap into her Step Up roots and make use of the film's "great physical comedy."

The Hollywood Reporter now posts that the two stars will be joined by Malin Akerman, Mary Steenburgen, Craig T. Nelson, and Aasif Mandvi (Jericho). There is, however, no word on who they'll play -- not that it really matters. We know the drill by now -- there will be hatred, crappy power plays, and ultimately, romantic reconciliation -- just like real life. You gotta wonder -- does Sandra Bullock ever get tired of these flicks? After Crash, I was hoping she'd get some more meaty work, but I guess not. And what about Malin? I can only hope that Watchmen wrenches her from her selection of questionable romcoms. Then again, it works for Ashton Kutcher's paycheck, so why should she stop?

Production begins this month.
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