I was drawn into this whole story by the thought of Tina Fey, but be still my comedic heart, she's not the only one involved. As Jessica posted earlier this month, Ricky Gervais has a blog for his upcoming comedy, This Side of the Truth, and he's just announced the final casting. He writes in an entry: "We are trying to avoid the 'Hollywood actor look'. No botox, perma-tans, or unfeasibly white teeth..."

Who could that mean for casting? Well, there's a short little blip that says Tina Fey and Christopher Guest have signed on, along with Jeffrey Tambor and John Hodgman (The Daily Show). This flick sounded good, but now it's downright irresistible! While I would rather have Guest do more mockuwonders, I won't pass up the chance to see him reunite with Gervais, with a helping of Fey, Tambor, and Hodgman. And, we can't forget the already-cast players -- Louis CK, Rob Lowe, Jonah Hill, and Jennifer Garner.

Just the thought of these actors taking on Gervais's deceit-creating character... Are there any of you out there who are not itching to see this now?

[via Empire]
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