"Man, I am totally Wes Craven right now."

It was only a matter of time before someone threw together a spoof of the Juno trailer, and I have to say this one is pretty damn well done. Not only did they re-create the Juno trailer -- using all Jewish stereotypes -- but they even re-created the two songs as well. There's all sorts of fun Jewish stuff in here; like instead of a hamburger phone, Jewno talks on a bagel with lox and cream cheese phone. This isn't just some random spoof though; apparently it was created by Rob Kutner (writer for The Daily Show), with help from Simpsons writers and Dennis Miller Live. Not only that, but they also got someone very familiar to play Jewno's dad. Check it out up top, then let us know what you think they're missing -- I, personally, thought the mother could've been a bit funnier in certain ways.

[via JoBlo]