There's another actor-backed production company in the biz now. The Hollywood Reporter posts that Virginia Madsen has formed Title IX Productions with Karly Meola, who used to be the actress' personal assistant. Talk about upward mobility -- I guess dealing with actor's incidentals can pay off!

It seems that the pair have been working on titles for the company over the last few years, and are kicking off with a senior-themed documentary called I Know a Woman Like That, about women ages 64-94, that just so happens to be directed by Virginia's mother, Elaine Madsen. They're also trying to score financing for an adaptation of Martha O'Connor's novel The Bitch Posse, and a remake of Madsen's 1984 film, Electric Dreams. I probably missed it in my Fire with Fire haze, but the original starred Lenny von Dohlen (Twin Peaks), Madsen, Maxwell Caulfield (Grease 2), and Bud Cort (Harold and Maude).

Title IX (which is named after the 1972 law that forbid gender discrimination in schools and universities) should also mean good things for women in film. They won't only produce female-driven films, but Meola says: "We kind of saw it as we want to be able to play on equal ground. Of course, we want to talk about female issues, but not just tell stories about women." Madsen added: "I like the idea we're leveling the playing field."

However they word it, good luck, ladies!
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