Welcome back to another installment of Insert Caption -- recently hailed as the number one most addictive online game by the staff at Cinematical and Moviefone. Last week, we asked you to cuddle up next to James McAvoy and Keira Knightley (which one do you think hogs the bed?) and give us your best captions for a photo from Atonement. There was a DVD and two pretty awesome beach cruisers at stake for one lucky winner. Congrats to Shane M. for blaming the whole thing on a little girl with a big mouth (I guess it's better than blaming it on a little guy with big muscles).

1. "I think we should blame it on Briony. What could she possibly do to get back at us?" -- Shane M.

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And speaking of little guys and big muscles, this week we're taking a look at a photo from the very funny Run, Fat Boy, Run (which hits theaters on March 28), starring the always-reliable Simon Pegg as a guy who takes on some serious training in order to win back the girl he let get away. And if that doesn't look exactly like me when I'm at the gym -- wow, it's like staring into a wimpy mirror. Maybe I should shut up now. Anyway, winners of our three favorite captions will run, not walk, away with one Run, Fat Boy, Run poster, one sports bottle, one sweat band, one pair of running shorts and one Nike jacket. C'mon, it's officially Spring -- time to climb out of that cave and get into shape! Sound off below fitness freaks.

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