Sure, you've got Hoosiers, Hoop Dreams and (my personal favorite) White Man Can't Jump, but can you name the top 20 basketball flicks of all time? Not sure I can get past eight -- so major props go out to the folks at Moviefone for coming up with a list of the 20 best basketball films of all time, in honor of March Madness. Ah, the madness of it all; the teams, the brackets, the Cinderella stories. Where would we be in life without the Final Four?

Unfortunately, Air Bud and Eddie didn't make their list, but among the top 20 we have films like The Air Up There (oh, Kevin Bacon can do more than just dance), The Basketball Diaries (drugs and b-ball don't mix so well), He Got Game (he got Denzel, Jordan and Shaq), Space Jam (because we always desperately wanted Bugs Bunny and Michael Jordan to pair up on the big screen) and the recent Semi-Pro (Will Ferrell's 85th sports-related film). Of course there's a whole lot more -- including films I bet you've never heard of -- so make sure to dribble on over to Moviefone and vote for your favorites. Alternatively, feel free to enter your own write-in vote ... in case, ya know, Air Bud just happens to hit you in a personal place.

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