If the Daily Mail is to be believed, Steven Spielberg has found his Tintin. It's been reported that Thomas Sangster has been cast to play the titular hero.

Sangster is 17 years old, and you've seen him in Love, Actually, Tristan and Isolde, Nanny McPhee and The Last Legion. He's a fine young actor, and like Freddie Highmore, possesses the ability to totally break your heart. Not that Tintin would require him to do that -- are there any tragic deaths in any of the books? I think he's got the right look -- and the three movies will be done as performance capture, so it doesn't matter in the end.

I really hope this is true casting, and not just a rumor born out of an interview where he said "I like Tintin." Filming is supposed to begin this September, so the timing is certainly right for an announcement. Spielberg will quash it soon enough if it isn't -- although how long did we hear denials that Shia LeBeouf wasn't in Indiana Jones 4? He's already been down to L.A. to do some pre-production test sequences, though that could be merely a try out.

I'd love to know your thoughts, Tintin fans. I'm not as familiar with the comic as I should be, so this might be horrible news to you all.

[via SuperheroHype.com]
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