A few months back I came across a rather amusing trailer for a flick called Zombie Strippers. (As if you'd need a trailer to convince you / dissuade you from seeing a movie with a title like "Zombie Strippers.") Written and directed by Jay "The Slaughter" Lee, the flick looked to be locked in for an exclusively digital debut. But get this! Beginning on April 18, you'll be able to see Robert Englund and Jenna Jameson share the screen with gooey go-go gore-girls in Zombie Strippers, provided you live in New York, Boston, L.A., Frisco, Vegas, Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Miami or ... Madison, Wisconsin? OK then. (Atlanta, Seattle and Philly (woo!) will get their print on April 25.) And yes fellas, I did say "Jenna Jameson."

But the burning question remains: What is Zombie Strippersabout? Well, according to an interview with Mr. Lee over at Horror-Movies.ca, it goes a little like this: "A corporation is developing a chemo-virus to re-animate soldiers killed in combat so they can keep on fighting. The tests prove dying and re-animating can make these soldiers fearless, and thus they become super-zombie soldiers. The virus gets loose in the lab, an elite squad comes in to clean it up, one gets bitten, runs and hides in a dark building that happens to be an illegal strip club." Boom. That's what you call high concept, as in someone was definitely high when they came up with the concept. Random trivia: Apparently the film called Zombie Strippers is loosely based on Eugene Ionesco's play Rhinoceros, but lots of zombie-merchants could also make that claim ... if they studied literature, that is.

Check out the whole interview over at HM.ca and/or check out Sony's official Zombie Strippers website right here. I just think it's hilariously awesome that Philadelphia's rather prestigious Ritz at the Bourse theather will be playing a Jenna Jameson movie called Zombie Strippers. I'll want a snapshot of that marquee. (Bonus: Zombie Strippers trailer ... after the jump!)
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