Ask any horror fan "of a certain age" to quote some lines from the infamously unadored horror spoof Student Bodies and you'll no doubt get a dozen different responses: "I'm gonna kill the kid with the gum!" // "Did you hang up?" // "No, I just said click", and, of course, "Horsehead bookends!!"

Now, Student Bodies is noteworthy for a variety of strange reasons: It was written and semi-directed by one Mickey Rose, a former writing partner of Woody Allen's who vanished from the movie biz right around 1981. (The year Student Bodies was released, oddly enough.) One of my favorite comedy directors (the late Michael Ritchie) had his name taken off the film and replaced with the Alan Smithee moniker. The flick died a quick death at the box office -- perhaps because the now-cemented conventions, cliches, and tropes of the slasher genre weren't quite stale enough back in 1981. But Student Bodies wanted to be the slasher fan's answer to Airplane! -- and this was about twenty years before Scary Movie hit the scene.
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