Roger Rabbit just wants to make people laugh, not like the eye-bleary, dreary, sex-shocking Brown Bunny. Seeing the above clip from Who Framed Roger Rabbit definitely brings back memories. It's not every day that animation blends with live action, or modern movies get to use Golden Age voices, or animated characters from different studios appear together in the same film.

As an added bonus, the cast is just as tasty as the technological advancements this film made. Of course, there's Bob Hoskins, but there's also Charles Fleischer as the voice of Roger and other animated peeps, Christopher Lloyd as Judge Doom, Joanna Cassidy as Dolores, an archive recording of Frank Sinatra, Amy Irving singing for Jessica Rabbit, and Kathleen Turner taking on Jessica's speaking voice. This is the technological Robert Zemeckis I like -- forget that performance capture!

Happy Easter everyone! Be nice to your bunnies.