Single men of the world who are sick of seeing shocked faces on their dates when they say that they live at home -- this news bit is for you. Variety reports that Relativity Media outbid a collection of studios for a screenplay called The Low Dweller, by a new screenwriter, Brad Ingelsby. The 27-year-old is a grad from AFI who lives with his parents in Pennsylvania and works for his father's insurance business. Or, at least, he did. I imagine he quit once his script was picked up for $650,000 against $1.1 million.

That's not all! This seems to be such a hot script that there are already plans for Ridley Scott to direct and Leonardo DiCaprio to star -- possibly really soon. The film is said to need a brief 35-day shoot, so there is a chance that Ridley and Leo can squeeze it in somewhere.

The story focuses on a man named Slim (who DiCaprio would play). After serving a number of years in prison for murder, his lone goal upon release: to fulfill a promise and marry his "long-suffering girlfriend." However, he finds out that his brother has been murdered in some sort of gambling kerfuffle and feels that he must avenge his brother's death. The script is being compared to No Country for Old Men, so I'm betting you can expect something somber and gritty, with an underlying layer of humor.
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