For a white kid whose father was a corporate executive, Craig Brewer sure knows the streets. His pimp-turned-rapper drama Hustle & Flow brought him to prominence in 2005, and his follow-up, the white-girl-chained-to-a-radiator drama Black Snake Moan, kept him in the spotlight with its controversial, racially charged content. Even his first film, 2000's The Poor and the Hungry, which almost nobody has seen, evidently deals with street criminals. Craig Brewer likes to keep it real, yo.

Now Varietyreports that his next project will be set in a fancy English finishing school for young ladies. Just kidding. It'll be set on the streets. Entitled Gang Leader for a Day, it's based on the memoir by Columbia University professor Sudhir Venkatesh, who spent several years studying a Chicago gang of crack dealers. At one point Venkatesh was actually invited to spend a day running the gang's business, and he found it had a structure not unlike that of a legitimate corporation. Except that, you know, instead of getting "laid off," you get "killed."

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