Bike messengering is no longer only about skinned knees, accidents, and dudes who live in Real World apartments. (Ah, Puck. What are you doing these days?) Variety reports that in a deal that closed on Saturday, DreamWorks has made a preemptive purchase of an action/thriller spec by Lars Jacobson called C.O.D. The film won't be a study of people who are too cheap to pay for deliveries, but rather a sinister, assassin sort of thriller.

C.O.D. will focus on a bike messenger in the Big Apple who becomes the puppet of an assassin. The poor guy must deliver packages with bombs inside, or his family will be killed. Meanwhile, a "female FBI agent with a vendetta against the villain must work outside the system to catch the messenger and solve the case before it takes on global implications." Those darned laws seem to always get in the way of the usually law-abiding good guys. Considering the earth-wide hint, I imagine the assassin makes the bombs look like political maneuvers rather than one-man's sadistic play.

This will be the sophomore feature for Jacobson, who wrote and directed Baby Blues, which is scheduled to hit screens this year. It's basically another upper of a film, set on a secluded farm and focusing on a mother with postpartum depression who has a psychotic breakdown and becomes a danger to her family.
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