Not very long ago, Jessica told you that Steve Zahn and Timothy Olyphant had signed up to play in David Twohy'sA Perfect Getaway, but it seems like the writer / director was scouting for actresses over the weekend. Looks like Milla Jovovich will be paired up with Zahn (the lucky dog) and Ms. Kiele Sanchez will be hanging with Mr. Olyphant. (Genre fans will remember David Twohy from flicks like The Arrival, Pitch Black, Below, and ... The Chronicles of Riddick.)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Jovovich and Sanchez join Timothy Olyphant and Steve Zahn in the thriller, which revolves around a newlywed couple on their honeymoon in Hawaii who run into two hikers who turn out to be vicious killers." Call me psychic, but I'm betting it's the Olyphant / Sanchez couple who do the stalking and the Zahn / Jovovich duo who do the running ... although it'd probably be more interesting the other way around.

The whole gang will begin shooting A Perfect Getaway next week in Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Tough gig. As far as the flick is concerned, I'm just a bit skeptical. Haven't we had enough of the Americans Terrorized Overseas thrillers yet? Then again (Chronicles notwithstanding) I'm a big fan of the Twohy, so I suppose one more dose of Passport Purgatory won't be all that bad.
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