The Hollywood Reporter announces that Columbia has dumped seven figures on a mere spec by Stephen Belber called The Long Run.

The story centers on a journalist who helps exonerate a very charismatic death row inmate of a crime he didn't commit. The former inmate reforms and runs for public office, and the journalist leaves his post to join his campaign and follow him to political prominence. But he faces a crisis of conscience when he finds his successful friend may be guilty after all. Sounds intriguing, with a few shades of Truman Capote.

At this point, Will Smith is only attached to produce with his Overbrook banner and not star, but I sincerely hope he joins the cast. Smith is a fun actor and his big-budget epics are good on a summer night, but I wish he would embrace more scripts like this. He has one or two coming up, but the public still sees him as Mr. Blockbuster and groans if he is attached to any adaptation. How cool would it be to see him play the charismatic convict? I don't think Smith has ever really played anyone with a nasty edge before -- and that is how Oscars are won.
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