How do you know when an as-yet-unreleased video game is rrrreally good? When a production company gets started on the movie version -- six months before the game hits the shelves! (OK, that's not even remotely true, but it sounded like a good intro.) But I can tell you one truly promising piece of news regarding the upcoming Electronic Arts game Dead Space: It's science fiction AND horror! Yeah, just like Galaxy of Terror!

Anyway, the game isn't due to hit stores until after summer, but that hasn't stopped Starz (and its Film Roman animation division) from snatching the property up and organzing all sorts of nifty little "tie-ins." For example, first will come a graphic novel from Image Comics. Then the Starz movie. And then the game. The assumption is that if you digest this media in the proper order, it will amplify your Dead Space experience tenfold. Or something. All I know it's it's full of monsters and it takes place on a deserted spaceship. Somebody sign me up.

For more on the (mostly likely Anchor Bay DVD) movie, check out the news at Variety. For more on the game, check out the official Dead Space website. For a peek at an early teaser trailer, just look below!
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