It seems like the entire online world is caught up in Wolfman fever. I don't think I have read a single negative thing about this remake, except for that brief period when Brett Ratner was attached. Every photo, every interview is eagerly devoured -- yikes, did not mean to make that pun.

One of the producers, Scott Stuber, spoke to Empire about the movie and dropped more than a few tantalizing hints about where this remake is going. The best news? Practically no CGI! Stuber says, "We really want to stick to the physical stuff. So much of what we're trying to accomplish is that when Benicio is the wolf, you really know it's Benicio Del Toro and you have the eyes and the emotion of what he is. That way you don't disassociate your emotion and you realise that the person, Lawrence Talbot, who you've got to know in the daytime is still Lawrence Talbot at night. That way you're empathetic towards him, you're angry towards him, you feel for him."

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