With Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull due out on May 22, George Lucas wants everyone to know that it's "just a movie." I did think the unused tagline "This will be the greatest piece of visual material your eyes will ever witness" was just a tad too much. Instead, I like "George Lucas says 'it's just a movie'" a whole lot better. USA Today sat down with The Lucas to talk about the hype surrounding this fourth installment, and how similar hype (with regards to those newer Star Wars flicks) has hurt the way fans have viewed the films in the past.

He says, "When you do a movie like this, a sequel that's very, very anticipated, people anticipate ultimately that it's going to be the Second Coming. And it's not. It's just a movie. Just like the other movies. You probably have fond memories of the other movies. But if you went back and looked at them, they might not hold up the same way your memory holds up." Really? Sure, I'll give you Speed 2: Cruise Control, but Raiders of the Lost Ark holds up quite well, IMO. He continues, "We came back to do (Indy) because we wanted to have fun. It's not going to make much money for us in the end. We all have some money. ... It would make a lot of money if you weren't rich. But we're not doing it for the money."

I absolutely love the line ... "it would make a lot of money if you weren't rich." Yeah, thanks George for reminding us that half a billion dollars (or more, probably) is, like, the equivalent of a couple nickels and dimes for you. Indiana Jones and the Quest for More Money No One Needs arrives in theaters on May 22.

p.s. Is it just me, or is anyone else dying to spot Lucas wearing a "Don't Believe the Hype" t-shirt?

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