Sometimes you need a film with multi-faceted characters, clever dialogue and an intricate story with many layers, but other times you've just got to let the entrails fly. The Rage very much falls into the latter category, giving us buckets of gore over substance, and doing it beautifully.

Mad scientists used to be a B-movie staple. These days not enough guys in blood-caked lab coats are trying to conquer death/raise the dead/cure gingivitis, and mad science is becoming a lost art. Russian scientist Dr. Viktor Vasilienko (Andrew Divoff from Lost) is hard at work in his secret laboratory hidden in a junkyard, of all places. His true motivations are saved for the third act, but he's infecting his very unwilling test subjects with a viral form of rage (obviously someone has seen 28 Days Later and probably Dr. Butcher M.D.). Aside from being slightly healthier than your average horror movie zombie (meaning they're not actually dead) , these infected have all the standard anti-social traits including cannibalism and bad skin. One of the test subjects breaks free and takes several bites out of the good doctor before lurching off into the outside world.
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