Warning: Above clip may scar young children for a very, very, very, very long time.

That's it. My day is officially over. The South Park Studios are now open, and not only can you watch every single South Park episode for free (for free!!!), but you can also search among tons and tons of clips (roughly 3000), which you can then embed on your site. Since this is, like, the greatest thing to happen to the online world since the very awesome movie website Cinematical was born, I figured it was worth a post. Ah, but South Park is TV -- not film. Okay. Fair enough. That's why I found an SP clip that was film related.

The above South Park clip comes from one of my favorite episodes of all time -- Imaginationland. This is right after the boys first arrive, are greeted by the folks who live in Imaginationland, but then have to survive a lethal suicide bombing attack. That's when they switch to riff on a scene from Saving Private Ryan ... and, well, go watch it for yourself. And please don't be mad at me when your boss scolds you for hanging out on the South Park Studios site all date today. For you fans: Most random character to show up in Imaginationland? Who was it?

Must ... Not .. Watch ... 20 ... Episodes ... Right ... Now ...

[via EW]

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