Fandom. It makes people do crazy things. People worship; people cherish; and people band together to fight. These days, we have heard all about that Fanboys debacle, which rages on while the film sits, tapping its impatient fingers. But that's only one aspect of fandom. There's also those love-filled homemade fan creations.

But this post is really all due to the picture above. Now, I've seen many funky fan crafts over the years, but this one I just loved. David Lynch isn't the sort of man who gets a ton of fan recreations, and honestly, aside from my still-unfinished oil painting of Jack Nance, this is the first one I've seen. It's simple, yet oh so bloody cool.

I have to admit it: I have an addiction to creating and appreciating funky things -- whether they be large, wine cork platters, a chess-themed birthday cake, or making a pair of underwear with Christopher Walken's face on the front. (Yes, I have a pair of Walken underthings. No, I will not share a picture.) I've always liked making things because, well, it's fun to do. But it also allows you to be original. Instead of paying someone to show your inner fan or inner taste, you can make something unique and filled with your own time and appreciation.
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