Earlier today, we got a discussion post from Gene Novikov about Hollywood's obsession with Iraq war movies. They're coming out by the droves, yet they've been a crapshoot at the box office. But lo and behold, there's a bunch more on the way. Variety reports that there are three more deals in the works for films on the war.

Phoenix Pictures is looking to develop a movie based on The Long Road Home -- a book by ABC New's chief White House correspondent Martha Raddatz that should appease some complaints about the liberal slant in Iraq war movies. The book is about an Army platoon that was ambushed by insurgents in 2004 while patrolling Sadr City in Baghdad. Eight soldiers were killed and more than 70 others were injured in the attack. Phoenix exec says this is a great story that should make you cry, and he wants to "get it right and make sure that enough time has elapsed so that people will be receptive." I'm not so sure he's got the time angle down pat.

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