After Goonies, it wasn't that Josh Brolin was completely gone. He just navigated his career under the spotlight. But these days, in the wake of films like No Country for Old Men, Planet Terror, and American Gangster, it is easy to forget about those older flicks like The Mod Squad and Hollow Man. Thank God! And now he's doing even more to impress us. The Hollywood Reporter posts that he's directed a short film that will have its premiere kicking off the HollyShorts Film Festival on August 7.

The film, which is simply called X, focuses on an inmate who escapes from prison for noble means -- "to reunite with his daughter and search for her murdered mother's body in order to give her a proper burial." Vincent Riverside plays Jack, the inmate, while Brolin's two daughters, Eden Brolin and stepdaughter Eleanor Lambert, also star. The actor and now filmmaker says: "I'm proud of the stark nature of this film, how it explores the parent-child relationship, and appreciate the support of those willing to embrace my journey into filmmaking."

You readers out there in Los Angeles will have to comment come August and let us know what you think. Word from SXSW (where the short also screened with Brolin in attendance) was that the film was real good. I'm just bummed that its premiere will be after Toronto's Worldwide Short Film Festival, which means no X for me! Maybe next year ...
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