I don't know about you, but the brouhaha over David Mamet's recent pronouncement that he is "no longer a brain-dead liberal" has made me only more eager to see his forthcoming martial arts drama Redbelt. This is not because I'm a conservative and glad to see Mamet cross over to my side (I'm not), but because I'm hugely curious to see what, if anything, an ideological shift does to one of my favorite screenwriters and filmmakers. Mamet's always been a little macho; will Redbelt go all out with a crazy libertarian message of grizzled self-reliance? Will his view of human nature get even dimmer than it already was? It'll be fascinating to try and pick his brain.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tribeca Film Festival attendees will get to do it a little earlier than the rest of us. Redbelt will have a gala premiere in New York City as part of the ESPN Sports section of the Tribeca fest on April 25th. So, if you're willing to brave Tribeca crowds and prices, you can see the film a week before its May 2nd limited release -- though you'll probably need one of the fest's notoriously pricey VIP Packages (David Poland has the hilarious price breakdown on his blog) to get into the gala premieres.

Take a look at the trailer for the film here. Can't you just feel the Republican vibes?