Just over a week ago, Anthony Minghellapassed away suddenly at the age of 54. One of the unfinished projects that he left was his installment in the upcoming anthology New York, I Love You, which includes the talents of Scarlet Johansson, Natalie Portman, Woody Allen, Kevin Bacon, and more. While some of the segments have begun filming, Minghella had not gotten a chance to cast or shoot the segment he had written.

The Hollywood Reporter now posts that after confirming the move with Minghella's family, this honor will be handed to Shekhar Kapur, whose roster includes both Elizabeth and Elizabeth: The Golden Age. One week ago, Kapur had blogged about his last conversation with Minghella, and said: "On Sunday, two days before Anthony Minghella went in for an operation on a tumour they had just discovered, Anthony called me to see if I would direct a short he had written ... He told me his film was about the value of life, and how people sometimes just throw away their lives unable to look beyond into the real beauty of it."

In the past, both directors had long conversations about the nature of life, and Kapur says: "He recalled those conversations -- saying that it was those conversation too that lead him to believe that I should be the one to direct this short film." I like the idea of Minghella not only choosing a worthy director, but one who has similar thoughts about the project. With all that has happened, plus Anthony's talents as a screenwriter, this should make for a pretty powerful short.
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