Picture a studio, desperate for new script idea. (What? This is news about The Twilight Zone; I couldn't help myself.) The Hollywood Reporterannounced that Summit Entertainment (Resident Evil) has put the sci-fi thriller Countdown on the fast track to production. The movie is based on a classic episode of The Twilight Zone titled Death Ship, by Richard Matheson (I Am Legend). Michael Brandt (Wanted) will adapt the script along with Derek Haas, and also take over directing duties. Some of Brandt and Haas' other projects include 3:10 to Yuma and 2 Fast 2 Furious.

Death Ship centered on three astronauts who discover a mysterious spacecraft while exploring the galaxy for hospitable planets. When they stumble upon a wreckage of a ship identical to their own, they are left to try and discover what exactly has happened. If you ever spent a lot of time watching TV late at night, or you are a Zone aficionado, then you can probably guess what happens next. If not, I won't spoil it -- especially since, at this point, we have no idea how much Brandt and Haas are planning on changing in the original story.

The film had originally been slated for production in 2005; Summit was planning on producing the film along with Mandalay Entertainment. Now that Summit has become a fully functioning and independent studio, they will be producing Countdown on their own and the deal with Mandalay has gone out the window. Countdown is tentatively scheduled to go into production later this summer. They have already projected a budget of around $30 million, but so far no names have been attached to star. Stay tuned to Cinematical for any updates that come our way.
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