After quieting down for awhile, The Dark Knight viral campaign is back in full force this week with a new edition of The Gotham Times online, as well as several different websites tied to information written in the many new Times articles. Most of the new stuff is focused on Harvey Dent, with articles detailing his run for Gotham's District Attorney. There's also some stuff about a recent inmate escape at Arkham Asylum, more weird deaths around the city and various stuff about Batman.

Launched along with The Gotham Times is a very funny website called Maiden Avenue Report, which riffs on The Drudge Report. (I got a good chuckle out of that one.) Additionally, there's Gotham Cable News, (apparently, she's also running for Gotham DA), Citizens for Batman, GVA Foundation and Saint Swithuns Church*. Oh wait, we're not done. On top of all this, the Joker is back at it again texting random people, asking if they're ready to get to work. He says to look for a message before April 1 (which also happens to be April Fools Day). Hmm, I wonder what he'll do ...

Have fun figuring out all the new clues, and definitely let us know if you find anything cool in the comments section below. The Dark Knight hits theaters on July 18.

*Corrected spelling.

[via SHH]

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