After watching the stunning, and sadly under appreciated, Children of Men, I was hungry for two things. One, I wanted more movies with Julianne Moore and Clive Owen, as they have great chemistry together, and barely got to show it. Two, I wanted to see more of this world. It's a rich and interesting future landscape, one that is filled with tons of stories that we've never seen. Until now. reports that the executive producer of Bionic Woman, David Eick, is writing a pilot script for a television series based on P.D. James' science fiction novel (the one that inspired the movie). Eick says: "It's really taking root more in the origins of the novels in that it will focus on the cultural movement in which young people become the society's utter focus." He goes on to make parallels between the obsession with LiLo's crazy tabloid lifestyle, and says: "it's about how, when you don't have a responsibility to the next generation and you're free to do whatever you want, where do you draw the line?"

If the success of Battlestar Galactica is any indication, this should be one great series. I've never been bugged to watch a show more than my friends pestering me to watch BG, which I will have to at some point, if for no other reason than my love of "frak" (as discovered on Veronica Mars). Obviously, I'll be anxiously awaiting this show, but how about you? Do you think the epic world of Children of Men will be good on the boob tube?
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