We're about to get yet another cautionary tale for men who might like the barely ripe flesh of just-legal women. The Hollywood Reporter posts that DreamWorks' Montecito has just picked up a new comedy spec called Underage, which was written by Pink Panther 2 scribes Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber. It seems to have been a pretty hot script that a number of buyers were into, before Montecito grabbed it for $500,000 against $900,000.

The premise is simple: a 17-year-old girl is pissed off at her ex, so she seduces a twenty-something guy and blackmails him into her being her beau as an act of revenge. Something tells me that the dude should have checked her ID, and made sure it was real. What I don't get is how this plan works. I assume blackmail comes in because she is underage. So, if she forces this guy to pretend he's her man, presumably under the threat that she'll screw him with statutory rape charges if he doesn't, wouldn't pretending to be her man make it worse, and increase his chances at getting into trouble for his dalliances with this girl? Eh, this is the movies, so I'm sure they wrote their way around that.

We should expect to hear much more from this writing team in the near future. Neustadter and Weber not only collaborated on the next Pink Panther movie, but they're also the pens behind the upcoming Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel comedy, 500 Days of Summer, which Erik mentioned last week.
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