I used to love Adam Sandler. For a few years, his movies even became a ritual for my mother and I, ever since we went to see Airheads on the big screen. Mixed Nuts. Billy Madison. Happy Gilmore. (We missed Bulletproof.) The Wedding Singer. Between those films and listening to "Lunchlady Land" on repeat, I was pretty hooked on the dude. And then my interest plateaued. One would think that working with Judd Apatow would bring it back, but after the the first trailer for You Don't Mess with the Zohan, that Erik directed us to in December, I wasn't so sure. It looked like a pale imitation of Zoolander mixed with hair and the Hebrew Hammer.

Now a new trailer is up over at JoBlo. Is it any better than the last? I'd say so. The editing on this one certainly helps it, but now Zohan seems like a dance fest rather than a movie about styling hair and Israeli counterterrorists. Also, considering the amount of dancing in this trailer, methinks you can expect at least one retro montage, sort of like 40-Year-Old Virgin, somewhere in there. However, instead of spurning me to bounce along, I am just thinking how happy I am that my hair stylist isn't a weird man who gyrates his crotch next to my face.