As part of its latest issue, Entertainment Weekly has done up a whole spread on the upcoming live-action Speed Racer flick, directed by those nutty Wachowski Brothers. Not only are there a few new photos tossed into their gallery, but there's also some great descriptions of the technology that went into creating the very surreal world. Some have said it looks "too much like a video game" -- but then I have to wonder what you expected from a live-action Speed Racer film. When I watched the old cartoon, I thought it was as close to tripping on acid -- sober -- as a person could get. That's what the movie looks like. Thus, in my opinion, job well done. (But don't go tellin' the kids that because this puppy is rated PG.)

Remember, the entire film was shot in front of a green screen -- so the actors had to do, well, a lot of "acting." I found this quote to be rather interesting: "Because the actors weren't really racing, they were plopped instead into hydraulically-controlled cockpits that would bob and weave in real time along with what cars were supposed to be doing on screen. 'We gave the directors a joystick that would allow them to simulate other cars bumping into them,' says Leo (one of the effects supervisors). Freaky.

Check out a few more images after the jump, then head over to EW to see the rest. Speed Racer hits theaters on May 9.

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