There are spies everywhere! There was a Pixar: 20 Years of Animation exhibit in Finland, and it was chock full of pictures from the upcoming Wall·E. They are all collected over at, and the only reason I picked this one is that fantastic photo of Wall·E's eyes in the middle, on the far right.

Even Finland has better film exhibits than my home town. What the hell? I'd love to see a Pixar exhibit.

Anyway, enjoy all the photos of Wall·E's world. There's no spoilers as far as I can tell, just a glimpse of the incredible detail that we expect from our favorite animation studio. I cannot wait to see this movie, and there isn't a soul I know who isn't bewitched by it. Wall· E opens on June 27th, at which point we will enjoy world peace as we all bond together in our love for a robot. It could happen!

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